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How to SET the value for a parameter in PageFlow scope and how to READ the same value in the PageFlow scope.

To set the parameter value (USER_NAME) in the PageFlow scope we need use the setPropertyListener component as shown below – <amx:commandLink text=”#{bindings.submittedBy.inputValue}” id=”cl1″ inlineStyle=”text-align:justify; width:95%; color:Fuchsia;”> <amx:setPropertyListener id=”spl1″ from=”#{bindings.userName.inputValue}” type=”action”  to=”#{pageFlowScope.USER_NAME}”/> </amx:commandLink> Here we are storing the Customer name (#{bindings.userName.inputValue}) … Continue reading

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How to fetch a particular node value from a set of XML nodes in BPEL 11g

In my case, I have used the Human task in my BPEL process. For every Human task added into BPEL process, a global task complex variable will get created. This complex variable contains all the parameters related to a task. … Continue reading

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