How to Setup of AndroVM Emulator to speed-up the mobile development process.

I used Jdeveloper to develop the application and ‘androVM_vbox86p_4.1.1_r6.1-20130222-gapps-houndini-flash’ (VM Image) to test the application. To use this VM Image, you need to install the Virtual Machine (I used version 4.2.16 r86992).


The AndroVM can be downloaded as an “OVA” file. Once dowloaded, you just have to import it in VirtualBox.

Please note AndroVM comes in 3 different versions :

  • vbox86p : Built for a “phone”, 480×800 default resolution
  • vbox86t : Built for a “tablet”, 1024×600 default resolution
  • vbox86tp : Built for a “tablet” with phone capabilities, 1024×600 default resolution
  • I will assume that you already have VirtualBox installed and working.

Network Adapter

  • To run with hardware acceleration, as for using the ADB with AndroVM, you’ll need an “Host Only” network adapter. To create one, open VirtualBox, get to the “File” menu, “Preferences…”, “Network”.


  • Don’t forget to enable DHCP Server for this network adapter.


Importing VM

Now, you can import the VM into VirtualBox. Just double-click on the OVA file, or use “File” menu, “Import Appliance”.
It can be a good idea to rename the VM into something more friendly.

AndroVMSetup3Setting-up VM

AndroVMSetup4By default, AndroVM has its first network adapter set to disable. Go to the VM network settings and set it to “Host Only Adapter”.


Then, start the VM. Now, you’ve got a fully functional software-rendered AndroVM. Now, open the AndroVM Config app, and check the box to enable hardware OpenGL.


To deploy the applications into AndroVM image from Jdeveloper, you need to configure the VM Image as provided the detailed steps below


Note: You can very well use the Android SDK too (, only issue I found with SDK is, it is very slow to deploy and to test the application. So I preferred the androVM.

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