How to SET the value for a parameter in PageFlow scope and how to READ the same value in the PageFlow scope.

To set the parameter value (USER_NAME) in the PageFlow scope we need use the setPropertyListener component as shown below –

<amx:commandLink text=”#{bindings.submittedBy.inputValue}” id=”cl1″

inlineStyle=”text-align:justify; width:95%; color:Fuchsia;”>

<amx:setPropertyListener id=”spl1″ from=”#{bindings.userName.inputValue}” type=”action”  to=”#{pageFlowScope.USER_NAME}”/>


Here we are storing the Customer name (#{bindings.userName.inputValue}) into the parameter (USER_NAME).

Note: Whenever you add the setPropertyListener component and if it gives the error saying the component cannot be added, then you need to enclose the setPropertyListener component with commandLink component.

To read the value from the PageFlow scope –

ValueExpression strVE = AdfmfJavaUtilities.getValueExpression(“#{pageFlowScope.USER_NAME}”, String.class);

Object obj2 = strVE.getValue(AdfmfJavaUtilities.getAdfELContext());

String strCustomerName = obj2.toString();

Now we have the USER_NAME value in the  strCustomerName  variable.


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