How to Create an Application Deployment Profile

A required deployment profile is automatically created for your application. The application profile includes the JAR files of your SOA projects. Additional profiles are useful for environments in which you want to create multiple deployment profiles for the same application (for example, one profile for a development environment and another profile for a production environment).

If you want, you can manually create a deployment profile.

1. Select the Application Menu for the application you want to deploy.

2. Select Application Properties. The Application Properties window appears.

3. Select Deployment, and click New. The Create Deployment Profile window appears.

4. Enter the following values:

 Archive Type: Select OAR File. This type must be selected. An OAR file is an

Oracle Application archive file.

Name: Enter a deployment profile name.

Note: You can change the deployment profile name at a later time by selecting the General tab in the OAR Deployment Profile Properties window and changing the name in the Application name field.

5. Click OK.

The deployment profile displays in the Application Properties window.

6. Click Edit.

7. Click Application Assembly.

All SOA projects in this application display in the Java EE Modules section. For this example, there is only one application (named sca_MySOAComposite).

8. Select the SOA projects to include in the deployment profile.

You must select a project. Otherwise, the generated EAR file is empty. The EAR file is what is deployed to Oracle Application Server.

9. Click OK to close the OAR Deployment Profile Properties and Application Properties windows.

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