How to create a Non-XA DataSource in WebLogic Server 11g console.

In this post you will learn how to create a Non-XA Datasource in the Weblogic server 11g console. To achieve this follow below steps –

1) Login to Weblogic server console using http://<hostname>:7001/console.

2) Go to the Domain structure as shown in the screen print –

3) You will view the  below screen.

4) In order to enable the ‘New’ button click on the ‘Lock & Edit’ button under ’Change Center’ on the top left corner.

5) Click on the ‘New’ button under ‘Data Sources (Filtered – More Columns Exist)

6) While creating the Datasource, for Non-XA Datasource select the ‘*Oracle’s Driver (Thin) for Instance connections; Versions:’ as shown –

7) While creating the Data source you need to mention the JNDI value as jdbc/(your DB connection name) ex:jdbc/jamesxedb as shown below –

8) Now you need to add this Data source (jamesxedb) in the DBAdapter connection pool. Go to Deployments link.

9 ) click the  DBAdapter link

10) Create a new connection pool tab and specify the same JNDI value (eis/DB/jamesxedb) which you used while creating the DBAdapeter in Jdeveloper.

11) Now select the newly created connection pool (eis/DB/jamesxedb) and in XADatasourceName field enter the (jdbc/jamesxedb) as shown

12) Now you need to update the deployment plan. Go to Deployments –> Select DBAdapter –> Click on Update button as shown –

Accept all the default values in the next screen flow and click Finish. By this the Non-XA data source is successfully registered in the Db Adapter connection pool.

Note: Don’t forget to Update Deployment Plan for the DBAdapter under Deployments.

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2 Responses to How to create a Non-XA DataSource in WebLogic Server 11g console.

  1. Deb says:

    JDBC name should not be put in xaDatasource name if you are creating nonXAdatasource.

  2. kavyasahu says:

    Appreciate your work, very informative blog on Weblogic server.

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