How to Configure an SOA Project Deployment Profile

The SOA project deployment profile is automatically created as a SOA archive (SAR) profile, and requires no user input. The contents of the SAR profile are deployed to a JAR file.

If you want, you can specify the revision ID value to use. The revision ID value is added to the JAR file name during application deployment and also to the composite.xml file of the SOA project.

1. Right-click the SOA project in the Application Navigator.

2. Select Project Properties. The Project Properties window appears.

3. Click Deployment.

4. Note that sca_ is automatically prefixed to the composite name of the SAR profile.

    This prefix is a requirement, and must not be changed.

5. Click Edit.

6. View the following values and change if necessary

Revision ID: Enter the revision ID value to use. This value is added to the JAR

file name of the deployed SAR profile name.

Revision Check Box: Select this check box if you want to use the specified revision ID

value continually without being prompted again during deployment. If you do not select this check box, you are prompted to specify a revision number when the application profile is deployed. This functionality is similar to the BPEL process versioning feature of previous releases, but at the higher SOA composite application level.

Note: You cannot deploy the SOA project to Oracle Application Server. This is because an enterprise archive (EAR) file is required for deployment. Deployment at the SOA project level only creates a JAR file. Instead, you deploy the application that includes the SOA project.

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