Difference between “DB Adapter” Vs “Oracle EBIZ Adapter”

Few points about the DB Adapter Vs Oracle Applications (OA) Adapter

  • Using DB Adapter you can connect to any database
  • OA Adapter only supports for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • The EBS (OA) Adapter is mainly a sort of wrapper around DB and AQ adapter supporting the different interfaces of EBS including Business Events (AQ).
  • The OA adapter introspects the Integration Repository and it sets the responsibility/application context for you when connecting.
  • The EBS User and responsibility are set in the wsdl. Using the DB adapter you should take care of this by yourself.
  • Honestly, if you’re basically using custom-plsql API or the plsql API of EBS then you’re perfectly fine with the DB Adapter. The only thing is that you should set the responsibility in the plsql by yourself. (for example in the initialization block of the plsql package)

One more thing in favor of DB Adapter is that it comes along with the basic SOA installation, while OA Adapter requires additional license.

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