Resolution for XML Schema resource conflict error.

While I was working on XML schema definition (XSD) files, during compilation I was receiving the below error –

The configured XML Schema resource is the same as the XML Schema resource being defined.WS-Addressing.xsd /AccountingEntryEBS/Resources/Schemas line 1 ALSB Conflict.

Reason: In WS-Addressing.xsd schema file the <include> statement was trying to include another schema which have same name as the WS-Addressing.xsd as shown below.

<xs:include schemaLocation=“../Schemas/WS-Addressing.xsd”/>

Resolution: In my case I had two schema files with same name as WS-Addressing.xsd in different locations. So I changed the SchemaLocation in my first WS-Addressing.xsd file, which refers to the second file from different location. By this the schema file reference is fine and the issue got fixed.

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