Resolution for “Non Recoverable System Fault” error while executing a BPEL process.

In Enterprise Manager when tested the BPEL process with Inbound File Adapter as shown below –

received the below error –

Non Recoverable System Fault : Error while translating. Error while translating. Error occured while translating content from file … Please make sure that the file content conforms to the schema. Make necessary changes to the file content or the schema. …

Reason: I created the schema definition file in Native Format builder for the Fixed-Length input text file, while defining File Adapter in my Composite application. So in the generated schema file the input DATE column data type is defined as String. So the default schema parser was not able to recognize the DATE input.

Resolution: Date column should be never define as String data type in the Schema file. Based on your input Date format you need to modify the schema column data type as below –

Date format: DD-MON-YYYY (24-JAN-2011)

<element name=”InvoiceDate” type=”date” nxsd:dateFormat=”dd-MMM-yyyy” nxsd:style=”terminated” nxsd:terminatedBy=”,” />

Date format: DD-MM-YYYY (24-01-2011)

<element name=”InvoiceDate” type=”date” nxsd:dateFormat=”dd-MM-yyyy” nxsd:style=”terminated” nxsd:terminatedBy=”,” />

Date and Time format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss (2011-01-2412:24:46)

<element name=”InvoiceDate” type=”xsd:dateTime” nxsd:dateFormat=”yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss” nxsd:style=”terminated” nxsd:terminatedBy=”,” />

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