Resolution for “Invalid SOA archive file. ” error while deploying ADF application.

Whenever tried to deploy the ADF application file (.EAR) into soa_server1, it given me the below error message in the pop up as shown below –

Failed to retrieve the composite details from the archive. Invalid SOA archive file.

After this if you still proceeds to deploy it gives below error message –

Failed to rename C:\DOCUME~1\oracle\LOCALS~1\Temp\dir33239\InvokeBPELFromADF_application1.ear to C:\DOCUME~1\oracle\LOCALS~1\Temp\dir3222815397728361043tmp\InvokeBPELFromADF_application1.ear. Make sure that disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not currently in use.

Reason: We can only deploy SOA archive (.SAR) files into SOA_server1 managed server.

Resolution: We can only deploy SOA archive (.SAR) files into SOA_server1 managed server. We cannot deploy ADF (.EAR) applications into SOA_server1 managed server. To deploy the ADF (.EAR) applications we need to deploy either from Jdev or from Weblogic Console.


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