Error while upgrading Oracle Portal from to

I want to work on Oracle portal instance. For this I have installed Oracle portal and we need to execute a upgrade script which upgrade Oracle portal to Oracle portal

To execute the upgrade script, we need to run mrua.bat file.  The command syntax to execute is as follows –

<Command prompt>\mrua.bat -oracle_home <oracle_home location>

In my case, I have used the following command to execute the mrua.bat file –

D:\Softwares\Application Servers\OracleApplicationServer10.1.4Upgrade\as_windows_x86_portal_1014\
mrua_051020\mrua>mrua.bat -oracle_home D:\Installations\ApplicationServers\OracleApplicationServer10.1.2\OraInfra -oid_host localhost -oid_ssl_port 636

When I executed the above command, I got the below error message –

Running on Windows
OracleAS Metadata Repository Upgrade Assistant
Enter the password for SYS:
Enter the password for cn=orcladmin:
Enter the password for cn=orcladmin:
Upgrading the OracleAS Metadata Repository to release
Calling upgrade plugin for MRUA
Component upgraded successfully MRUA
Calling upgrade plugin for PORTAL
Error: Component upgrade failed PORTAL
Error: PORTAL component version is: INVALID
Calling upgrade plugin for MRC
Component upgraded successfully MRC
FAILURE: Some OracleAS plug-ins report failure during upgrade.
Log file: D:\Installations\ApplicationServers\OracleApplicationServer10.1.2\Ora

After lot of searching and reading the Oracle portal documentation, I found the solution to the above error.

Reason for Error:

There are other sessions running on the OracleAS Portal schema.

This issue it is described within the Error Messages appendix of the OracleAS Upgrade & Compatibility guide.

WWU-00011: Concurrent sessions were running for the schema you are upgrading.
Cause: Other sessions are running on the OracleAS Portal schema.
Action: Make sure the OracleAS 10g middle-tier is shut down and there are
no other connections to the schema being upgraded. Look under “Open Sessions”
in the upgrade log for a list of open sessions for the schema.

Check also v$session table for open sessions on the database side.

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:-
Note: Execute all the commands in Command Prompt.

1. Shutdown the midtier (Portal)
MID_TIER_ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall
MID_TIER_ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl stop iasconsole

2. Shutdown the infrastructure. (Infra)
INFRA_ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall
INFRA_ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl stop iasconsole

3. Restart the db. (Metadata Repository which is Infra)
%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\sqlplus /nolog
connect / as sysdba
shutdown immediate

4. Start the infrastructure. (Infra)
INFRA_ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall
INFRA_ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl start iasconsole

5. Perform the upgrade again. (execute the mrua.bat command)

6. Validate that there are no errors post-Upgrade.

By executing all the above steps the upgration of Oracle Portal from to is successful.

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