Error while retrieving Portal Schema Password by using LADPSEARCH Utility

I want to connect to Oracle Portal Schema to perform few database operations. But unfortunately, I forgot the schema password. In order to retrieve the portal schema password I have used the LDAP Search utility as below –

ldapsearch -h localhost -p 389 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w Oracle123 -b “cn=IASInfrastructureDatabases,cn=PORTAL,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext” -s sub “orclResourceName=PORTAL” orclpasswordattribute OrclResourceName=PORTAL,,cn=IASInfrastructureDatabases,cn=IAS,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext orclpasswordattribute=R1ko17P0(This is the password in the OID)

But while executing the above command I encountered few errors. One of them is like “LDAP: No object found“.

The solution to find the Oracle Portal schema password is from Oracle Directory Manager.

1. Open the Oracle Directory Manager, which is in the following path –

Start -> All Programs -> Oracle Application Server – OraInfra ->Integrated Management   Tools->Oracle Directory Manager

You will see the following screenshot

2. Provide the values as shown below and click on Login button –

User: cn=orcladmin (Which is Super User).

Password: Oracle123 (Given while Installation).

Server: localhost (Usually better to use for avoiding few errors while connecting).

3. The below screen will be displayed –

4. From the left side hierarchical structure expand the Entry Management and as per the path shown below –

Entry Management > cn=Oracle Context –> cn=Products –> cn = IAS –> cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases –>

5. Under mouse double click on “OraResourceName=Portal” as shown below –

6. The below screen will be displayed –

7. In the above screen on righ side you will find orclpasswordattribute field, where you will get the Portal Schema Password. Use this to connect and to perform database operations.

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