What is known as Durable Link in Portal terms

A link to an item that uses the item’s GUID (globally unique ID) to uniquely identify it. In portal, an item’s GUID is unique and does not change for ever. So the durable link will not break when the item is edited, renamed, moved, or imported to a different portal instance.

Durable URLs for Items in Oracle Portal


You can determine an item’s GUID by editing the displayed attributes on the region where the item is placed. Display the Property Sheet attribute in the region. Once displayed, click the Property Sheet icon next to the item to view the item’s durable URL.

If the GUID of an item is A47D41ECA23648A9E030007F0100118A, the durable link URL to the English version 2 of the item is:


For backward compatibility, ID-based, direct-access URLs are supported in the current release of OracleAS Portal 10.1.4. Following this release, ID-based, direct-access URLs that follow the following syntax will be obsolete:


For example:  first is item URL, Second is durable URL



Durable URLs for Pages in Oracle Portal

The Durable Link for Pages can be found by clicking the Property sheet icon on particular page.

To make property sheet link visible on a page follow these steps.

Add an item of “Portat Smart Link” with type “Property Sheet”.

Now you can see the Property Sheet Link on particular page.

Click on the link, a small pop up window will open,where you can find the Durable Link for a Page.

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