How to create a Oracle Portal 10.1.4 App server connection from Jdeveloper

To make a application server connection from Jdeveloper to Oracle Portal 10.1.4 follow the below steps –

  1. Open the Jdeveloper
  2. Select the “Connections” tab from the left pane in the Jedeveloper
  3. Under “Connections” tab, mouse right-click on “Application Server” and select “New Connection” option from the menu.
  4. Edit Application Server Connection” wizard will be displayed. Specify the “Connection Name” and select the “Connection Type” as “Oracle Application Server 10g” and click Next as shown below –

5. In “Authentication” screen, provide the Username and Password for the application server instance and click Next as shown below –

6. In “Connection” screen, provide the values for OC4J host name, Http port number, Oracle Home Directory and OC4j Instance name. The Oracle Home Directory value will be available in the application server console and click Next as shown below –

7. In “EJB Client Connection” screen, provide values for RMI Server URL, RMI User name and RMI Password and click Next

8. In “Test” screen click on “Test Connection” button to test the application server connection as shown below –

If the status is “Success” then the connection to the Oracle Portal 10.1.4 application server instance is successful.

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