Unable to find “NormalLoanApprovalService.wsdl” OSB tutorial file in OSB installation folder.


I have installed OSB 10.3.0, I’m new to OSB and want to learn its features by practicing the OSB examples and tutorials. When I started OSB tutorial, in one of the step says I need to use the “NormalLoanApprovalService.wsdl” file to proceed further. This file wil be available under the location

But for my surprise, in my OSB installation folder, I do not have the “samples” folder available under “BEA_HOME|osb_10.3\“.

After bit struggle and analysis, I found that I did not installed OSB Samples. Due to this the “Samples” folder is missing under “BEA_HOME|osb_10.3\“.


  1. Re-run the installer and select custom install this time.
  2. Make sure to”select” check box OSB examples.
  3. You can run the installer to install samples only in the already installed OSB home.

Now you will find the “Samples” folder under “BEA_HOME|osb_10.3\“. So you can very well copy the “NormalLoanApprovalService.wsdl” file and proceed the tutorial.

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2 Responses to Unable to find “NormalLoanApprovalService.wsdl” OSB tutorial file in OSB installation folder.

  1. Kai Wähner says:

    I have the same problem. Though, I cannot select any checkboxes. The install software just installs the OSB and the IDE. There is no option to select examples. Very strange (and bad Oracle documentation). I also did not find a download link for the examples, yet…

    Best regards,
    Kai Wähner (Twitter: KaiWaehner)

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