Installation steps for Oracle Service Bus

To install Oracle service Bus, please follow below steps –

1 ) Execute the program “osb1031_wls1031_win32.exe” to start the installation process. This will open up the following wizardinstall_step1Click “Next” to start the installation.

2) Create a new BEA Home and specify a location where you would like to install the product (use a short pathname with no spaces) and click “Next”.

Click “Next

3) Choose “Typical” and click “Next”.

4) Accept the default directories for the installation and click “Next”.

5) Choose “All Users” Start Menu folder to give all accounts access to the product shortcuts and then click “Next”.

6) The Installation Summary page is displayed. Click “Next” and installation will begin

Installation progress is shown with the progress bar.

7) Once installation is complete, check “Run QuickStart” and click “Done

8) Quick Start wizard will be displayed as shown

Oracle Service Bus is successful.

Product Installation Smoke Test

1) Launch the Oracle Service Bus examples server through the menu system that was created when you installed the product. Select the “Start Examples Server” menu item.

2) The Oracle Service Bus Examples web application should automatically load in your browser and display a page similar to the one shown below. Load the examples by clicking the “Load the Examples” button.

3) The smoke test is passed.

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